2023 Budget Performance and Proposed 2024 Budget


MCRC 2023 Budget Performance and Proposed 2024 Budget

By Bill Kinsey
Millcreek Rifle Club Treasurer

The 2023 budget approved by the members at the March 2023 annual meeting had a projected annual income of $317,000 and operational expenses of $235,187.  Actual income for fiscal 2023 was $306,579, and actual operational expense was $224,407. Our bank balance as of February 1, 2024, is $286,485.80.

The proposed 2024 budget, as approved by the board of directors at its January regular meeting for presentation to the membership, includes a total projected income of $295,492.  The following expenses are designed to meet our operational needs, make significant repairs and improvements to various ranges, and support some new projects described here.

  • The board has proposed to continue setting aside $200,000 in liquid assets as an emergency reserve. This reserve is calculated to fully fund the total insurance deductible the club would face should all physical structures be totally destroyed at the same point in time. 
  • Our continuing operational expenses are expected to increase to $240,115 in 2024, based on a conservative inflation rate of 7 percent. 
  • Proposed major capital expenses proposed by the board for fiscal 2024 include the following:
    • $18,000 to continue improving the club's roadways for dust and mud control using asphalt millings applications
    • $12,000 for a detachable mower for the club skid steer to facilitate better maintenance of berm vegetation
    • $10,000 for the addition of a small classroom shed at the Law Enforcement No. 3 Range
    • $25,000 as part of a proposed multi-year upgrade to club technology, including security cameras and systems
    • $20,000 to begin expansion and improvement of the Shotgun Field
    • $10,000 to improve the Clubhouse heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system

Those proposed major expenses for 2024 total to $95,000. The 2024 budget continues the board’s strong commitment to sustaining our excellent rifle club at a high level, aimed at maintaining and improving existing facilities and capital improvements designed to enhance future offerings. Millcreek Rifle Club’s financial status remains solid, and the board is committed to maintaining that position with the proposed budget.

With our members’ continued support, we are excited about continuing to provide a positive shooting experience for our members for many years to come. We welcome your questions about the budget at the annual meeting, at 7:30 p.m. March 5 in the Clubhouse.


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