2022 Budget Performance and Proposed 2023 Budget

MCRC 2022 Budget Performance and Proposed 2023 Budget

By Bill Kinsey
Millcreek Rifle Club Treasurer

The 2022 budget had a projected annual income of $294,108 and operational expenses of $220,760.  A one-time purchase of a wide area mower (to reduce future maintenance costs) increased the total expenses to $260,748. Our bank balance as of Dec. 31, 2022 is $438,182.

The proposed budget for 2023 includes a total income of $317,000 which would put our assets at $755,182.  The following expenses are designed to meet our operational needs, make significant repairs and improvements to various ranges, and support some new projects described here.

  • The board has proposed to set aside $200,000 as an emergency reserve.
  • Our basic operational expenses are expected to increase to $235,187 in 2023 based on inflation. 
  • During 2022, the need for significant repairs to range structures and berms was observed and the board now proposes an expenditure of $60,000 to repair the canopies and berms of the North Pistol 10 yd and 25yd ranges.
  • Measurements made of the pistol range side berms between bays 1-2 and 2-3, revealed the need to raise their height.
  • The highpower access stairs also require repair and the board proposes to commit $6,000  to make these repairs. 
  • Club input received through our 2022 membership survey indicated a high level of interest in enhancing the multipurpose range and the board has proposed an expenditure of $46,800 to build a 100yd concrete firing line with canopy similar to that in the 100yd range. The board also proposes to build a concrete shooting station and a canopy at the request of law enforcement users at a cost of $5,000. 
  • Other projects proposed include
    • $15,000 for security upgrades to cameras and networking equipment
    • $3,500 for a bookkeeper to record invoices and income
    • A range sign for the front entryway ($1,300)
    • Additional safety tables ($1,500)
    • A cart and training equipment for the safety ambassador project ($8,000)
    • The purchase of steel targets for our longer ranges ($5,000).
  • A proposed capital expense of $79,000 is also proposed for purchase of a Skid Steer machine which would allow us to repair roads etc. without having to bring in outside contractors.
  • The remaining $88,895 will be allocated to our capital reserve.

The 2023 budget retains the board’s strong commitment to sustain our excellent rifle club at a high level, aimed at maintaining and improving existing facilities and capital improvements designed to enhance our club's future offerings. Safety remains a guiding force in the board’s daily decisions, and is reflected in the proposed 2023 budget.

Millcreek Rifle Club’s financial status remains solid, and the board is committed to maintaining that position with the proposed budget.

With our members’ continued support, we are excited about continuing to provide a positive shooting experience for our members for many years to come. We welcome your questions about the budget at the annual meeting, at 7:30 p.m. March 7 in the Clubhouse.


"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson

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