New Safety Director Jason Roth

Meet New Safety Director Jason Roth

I became a member last year after moving here to Kansas from Georgia.  In Georgia, I was a member of Athens Rifle Club for 8 years and served on their Safety Committee, implementing several improvements.  My passion is teaching new shooters the fundamentals of shooting accurately and safely.  I have been involved with the Boy Scout Shootings Sports program for the last 10 years when I became an NRA certified Instructor.  Since then, I have added to my list of certifications including Chief Range Safety Officer and Training Counselor.  In my career, I work for a local Animal Health company making RNA vaccines similar to the ones currently used in the COVID vaccines.  In my previous work life, I worked in Biosafety Level 3 laboratories (actually with the first SARS virus in the early 2000s) where safety is literally a matter of life or death, just like the range.  Because of my training and experience, on and off the range, and willingness to serve the membership, I graciously accepted this appointment from the Board.

I wanted to join Mill Creek when I moved to Kansas because of the immense shooting opportunities, not only for the variety of competitions but also the freedom to shoot short and long guns on a vast number of ranges.  When I became the Safety Director, I was most impressed by the impeccable safety record Mill Creek has, given the high number of members and steady use the range on a daily basis.  Usually as membership increases, safety decreases. But not here.  I believe this to be true because my predecessors set a high bar in safety standards and also the strict vetting process to obtain membership thanks to our Membership Director.  We have high caliber (pun intended) members here and it shows, but that doesn’t mean we are all perfect, as we still catch members and guests shooting without the proper eye protection on, the most common infraction.

Besides carrying on the legacy of our previous Safety Director, Gabriel, whose unfinished business includes installing permanent steel for all members to use and form a group of Range Ambassadors, we have several other improvements to make our range safer and more enjoyable:

  • First, I would like to move the steel permitting process more online by creating a webpage on our member site, where the information and application can be accessed by all and permits can be granted and renewed faster.
  • Second, a team of several board members are working to refurbish, restock, and update signage for the first-aid and trauma kits at each range.
  • Third, increase the opportunities and level of firearms training available at Mill Creek.  On the second Sunday of every month, we are going to offer NRA basic courses, such as pistol, rifle, shotgun, range safety officer, and reloading, depending on interest.  In coordination with our Public Relations Director, we plan on setting up a webpage dedicated to available trainings offered at MCRC, including more advanced level firearms courses offered from other instructors. To kick this off, on September 12, coinciding with our annual Membership Day, Millcreek Rifle Club is sponsoring an NRA Firearm Safety course free for the first 40 MCRC members and family guests.  This course is a short 4-hour classroom course (no range time) and covers safety, ammunition and cleaning basics, and unloading all types of firearms.  We will start at 7:30 am and will be done by 11 am to enjoy the rest of Membership day.  Please follow this link, NRA Firearm Safety, to register for this free course.

Thank you and see you at the range,

Jason Roth, PhD

MCRC Safety Director

NRA Training Counselor, Instructor, Chief RSO

MantisX Affiliate

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"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson

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