High Power is Back...and Better!

High Power Returns...and it's Better than Ever!

With renovations finished on the Mill Creek Rifle Club High Power Range, Wednesday mid-range evening shoots have returned and are continuing into September. Here are a few things you’ll find even better about the new high-power shooting options at Mill Creek:

History was made at Mill Creek Rifle Club on April 17 with the first mid-range match run by Steve Finnell held at 600 yards!  The first shot down range was made by none other than the club Treasurer, Ralph Goodrich, firing in the first relay.   Ralph noted, “I have been shooting high power at MCRC since 2003 and am most honored to have fired the first shot at 600 yards.” (A 10, by the way!)

Shooting to the length of six football fields is the key distance and most celebrated stage for high power shooting events. To illustrate, the President’s One Hundred match at Nationals is only 40 shots, but 20 are taken at 600 yards. 

“Mill Creek now has the capability to offer 600-yard shooting. This new range was a long time in coming and enhances the fact that MCRC is truly a premiere shooting facility,” says Vice President Dr. Michael Borkon.

“It is hard to believe how much work has been done over the past 6 months in order to bring this to fruition,” says Dr. Borkon.

The match winner, Ken Foster, who is a member of Eastern Nebraska Gun Club, won the match with a score of 499-39X.  On a windy chilly day, this score will be a record to stand for some time.   Ken commented that the addition of 600 yards now makes MCRC high power range one of the best in the Midwest, despite the Kansas winds.     

The following day, the year’s first high power across the course match was held.  Long-time member Sandy Sandgren was present to help inaugurate the 600-yard portion of the match.   The MCRC high power range was dedicated a number of years ago to recognize Sandy’s unselfish and long-standing support of high power rifle competition at MCRC, KSRA and Camp Perry.  Match winner was Eric Fratzke with a good score of 777-23X.

Please check the MCRC calendar for additional Mid Range and High Power matches throughout the year.   New shooters are always welcome.  

Match directors for High Power events include:

Mid Range: Steve Finnell   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Across the course: Michael Borkon  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A shout out to the high power construction team of Steve Finnell, Oscar Aitken, Howie Snyder, Dick Cooper and Ralph Goodrich.   Moving dirt to create the new 600-yard berm was one big job, however, in order to make the range shootable and safe this team had to build new targets and frames, place number boards on the berm, built and install a double gate and layout new target firing points.  

Now the big question, when can I shoot 600 yards?   For the time being, the 600-yard line will only be open and safe for supervised events.   It is the board’s desire that in the future the 600-yard line will be open to qualified shooters most of the time.   A 600 yard safety and qualifying class is being reviewed and planned.   Stay tuned for more details.


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