Are you our next Safety Director?

Mill Creek Rifle Club Seeking New Safety Director

Have some ideas to improve club safety? We may be looking for you

Mill Creek Rifle Club Safety Director Gabriel Sanchez has announced his resignation. If you're interested in serving on the board of directors of the club to fill the remainder of Gabe's term, here's how to apply for consideration.


The safety director is responsible for establishing range safety measures. This includes

  • Updating and maintaining club range rules
  • Posting range rules
  • Preparing and posting signs defining individual range limitations
  • Seeing that incidents are thoroughly investigated and recommendations brought before the board of directors where appropriate.

This position also typically works with the membership director to understand safety training deficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement. This is voting board-level position, requiring the time commitment to fulfill those duties in addition to the safety responsibilities.

A nominating committee consisting of three members of the board of directors  will receive all nominations and provide a list of requirements to candidates for review. The nominating will recommend candidates to the full board for approval in accordance with the bylaws of the club.

If you are a current member and interested, please submit your name and contact information to the nominating committee via Vice President Michael Borkon, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Nominations should be received by April 9.



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