Construction update April 2021

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Construction Update: Coming down to the final tasks!

Final additions to range expansion being made

Construction on the new range expansion approved by the membership last October is putting on a final push to get everything done for spring. Here's what's coming up in the weeks ahead.

  • Hydroseeding the new berms to establish vegetation and protect the fresh dirt from erosion (as pictured above) is expected to begin April 7. Please do not walk or drive on the berms until the grass becomes well established. The subcontractor is asking permission to work over the weekend of April 10 and 11 to take advantage of the good weather and accelerate the project completion date. They will bring in extra personnel to help with the seeding and laying the straw over the weekend in multiple areas.  Presently, they are planning to be completed by April 14.
  • At present, all the gravel and concrete work are complete.  This is extra gravel onsite left for MCRC located by the Pavilion and Shotgun Range.  Jason plans to clean up the area one more time with the scraper once his Hydroseeding contractor completes his project.  The intent is to keep vehicle traffic only on the gravel sections, not driven on the areas to be hydroseeded.

  • The Septic contractor has temporarily moved all his equipment and materials off of Benchrest for last weekend's activities.  He will need to complete dressing the Benchrest field after it dries this weekend on Monday.  Once that is completed, the Benchrest Range will be open and available to members after April 6.

  •  The new septic-system contractor is still working on the tanks installed under the Pizza Range and probably will continue to do so through April 7 to install the new pump, electrical and alarm system.

Continue to watch this space for further updates. Thank you for your patience and observation of these closings.


Mike McGovern, Mill Creek Rifle Construction Director


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