Range Closure UPDATE

Update March 7: Expect pistol bays to be inaccessible this week

Septic system work will close access temporarily

First, the good news: The clubhouse restrooms are open and operating! All restroom "closed" signs have been removed, the restroom doors are unlocked, and Maintenance Director Joel Campbell has contacted the cleaning service to have the restrooms cleaned this week. The photo above is a look at the new septic tank system installed beneath the Pizza Range.

Now, the bad news (temporarily): Our contractor, Dailey Construction, will be at the club Monday, March 8, to start trenching across the road in order to run the line to connect the tanks to the planned lateral field that will be installed beneath the Benchrest Range. That trenching will cut across the entire road, cutting off access to the 15-Yard Range and Pistol Bays 1 through 5 to car traffic.  Dailey's crews will have to hand dig the center of the road to work around the existing power cable there. So, I am anticipating road closure through Tuesday, March 9.

Because emergency responders would not be able to drive to those closed ranges while the road is trenched if an emergency were to occur, Safety Director Gabe Sanchez has requested that members not walk down to the Pistol Bays, but consider them all closed for use until the work is complete.

Once the line is laid and the trench closed, work is scheduled to then begin Tuesday on the 1,500 lineal feet of laterals underneath the Benchrest Range. That work will close the entire Benchrest Range until installation of the laterals is completed!

Watch this space for further updates as Dailey Construction continues work next week on this critical update to our facilities. Thank you for your patience and observation of these closings.


Mike McGovern, Mill Creek Rifle Construction Director


"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson

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