Please don't leave your key card in your vehicle

Please think before leaving your key card in your vehicle

It may happen to you, and it can cost you

If you're reading this story from the Missouri side of the state line, congratulations (or sympathies...); you are in the auto theft capital of the United States. This member found out what that means the hard way....


...when he returned to his pickup truck the last week of December parked in broad daylight in the parking garage of midtown Kansas City to find it had been broken into while he was at work. Included in the belongings that were lost: His Mill Creek membership badge and gate access card. The member immediately notified Membership Director Curt Cotton to inform him of the theft and to request he deactivate the card.

So far this year several members have lost, misplaced or had their gate card stolen, Mr. Cotton reports. "I’ve even observed members vehicles at the club with their card hanging from their rear view mirror," he says.

Although leaving your card in your vehicle may be convenient, it presents potential problems for other members, as well as a potential liability issue for the club. 

"Please help us maintain the security of the club by not leaving your gate card in your vehicle," he asks. "Nobody would dream of leaving their wallet or house keys in their vehicle parked somewhere overnight and unattended. So why would you leave something as valuable as your Mill Creek access card so vulnerable?"

Members that require a new gate card due to loss or theft will incur a $10 replacement fee. Further, new gate cards will only be mailed once a month. Cards will not be available at club meetings or by special delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Cotton by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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