New Range Construction Update

The Vision is Shaping Up

New ranges are approaching completion

“If you’ve been out to the Club, you’ve seen a lot going on,” reports Construction Director Mike McGovern. Stainbrook Construction has completed the earthwork for the second of two new 100-yard ranges. The contractor will move to hydroseeding the berms and ranges as soon as weather permits.

Expansion is happening again for several reasons, including the general membership approval of construction for more range expansion and improvements to accommodate MCRC’s and the Law Enforcement communities’ growing needs. MCRC is in a symbiotic relationship with the LE community – benefiting and growing together. We are building two more LE size ranges, extending a 600-yard HP Firing Line on the High Power Range, constructing an HP berm isolating it from the other ranges, and moving the Shotgun Range further to the east.

That expansion has already begun to pay dividends beyond its use by law enforcement, by adding schedule flexibility. That flexibility has already added to Mill Creek’s competitive and learning opportunities, according to Vice President Michael Borkon, who administers the schedule for those events.


“One good thing about this range expansion is the fact that we no longer will have to close everything to the east of High Power Range when there is a long-range match going on,” Dr. Borkon says. “That’s resulted in two things: We have more long-range competitive activities scheduled than we have had on years past, and then we have an abundance of classes and activities that will take place on the east side of the High-Power Range. That has already reduced the number of scheduling conflicts. I would encourage members to investigate the growing number of classes being offered.”

The City of DeSoto has also issued a construction permit for Mill Creek to begin work on replacement of the private septic system servicing the clubhouse. That replacement was due to failure of the old system because of age and over-taxing the system. The recent cold snap has temporarily interrupted construction. However, expect the Pizza Range and adjacent road to be closed when excavation begins on the new line, which may begin as soon as later this week, according to Mr. McGovern. Soon afterward, construction will move to the Bench Rest range for installation of the 1,500-foot lateral drainage field. At that time, the entire Bench Rest range will be closed to protect construction crews. Work is expected to take a full week. At the beginning of the work, a trench will be cut across the road leading to the pistol ranges, which will interfere with access and effectively close those ranges, as well. Mr. McGovern anticipates that work should take no more than two days.

Club Vice President Michael Borkon has updated the club calendar to reflect these closings. He will make changes as construction completes. Always check the calendar before you come out to the club.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. McGovern by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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