Range Closures

Be Aware of these Range Closures

More than one construction project is underway

Long-term progress sometimes means short-term inconvenience. In the case of Mill Creek Rifle Club, the range expansion project approved unanimously by the membership last October, as well as unscheduled renovation on the club's waste-treatment system, means some temporary closures of ranges. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Everything east of the Law Enforcement Range 2 is closed. Practically speaking, that means the shotgun range is closed, which has been moved further east in order to make room for the two new 100-yard ranges going in on that site. Earthwork on those two ranges has been completed; however, the closure is expected to extend into the spring as the contractor finishes up the hydroseeding and structures.
  2. Benchrest range firing points 1 through 32 (the western end of the range) are temporarily closed to protect construction workers. Expect the entire Bench Rest range to close in the next week for installation of a new septic system lateral field.
  3. Pistol range closures due to the septic system work. In order to connect the new septic system field to the clubhouse, the contractor will be trenching across the road leading to the pistol bays. As a result, that end of the club will be inaccessible for one to two days.  

Club Vice President Michael Borkon has updated the club calendar to reflect these closings. He will make changes as construction completes. Always check the calendar before you come out to the club.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. McGovern by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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