2019 Budget Performance and Proposed 2020 Budget

MCRC 2019 Budget Performance and Proposed 2020 Budget

By Ralph Goodrich
Millcreek Rifle Club Treasurer

Millcreek Rifle Club budget performance in 2019 was positive. Although total revenue for the year was under the 2019 budget by $13,617, total expenses were also less than budgeted, by $29,071, resulting in a bottom line of $73,329, or $15,454 more than our expected bottom line of $57,875.

The tentative 2020 budget includes a projected membership renewal income of $145,900 and new member income of $58,500, for a projected total membership income of $204,400. Incidental related income of $6,625 is also projected for 2020. Non-related income, primarily from use of the Law Enforcement ranges, is projected at $35,515, resulting in a total income projection of $246,540. Expense projections for 2020 total $228,190, resulting in a bottom line of 18,350.

A major contributing factor in the 2020 expense projections is up to $54,000 budgeted for engineering drawings and permit work to support the potential expansion of multiple ranges at the club. The proposed expansion will benefit both club members and our law enforcement community. These funds were approved by the board of directors and the membership in late 2019. The engineering work will allow us to establish a more accurate construction cost projection for the proposed project. Once an accurate cost projection is available, the board and ultimately the membership will make the decision as to whether to proceed with the project or modify the proposed design.

It is important to note that the 2020 budget also includes $30,000 in other capital projects for the benefit of our club members. One of the major projected 2020 capital items is investment to address and resolve the long standing dust issue on the range. The board is also considering the potential to add gongs to one or more of the pistol bays in 2020.

The proposed 2020 budget projects a small increase in year-over-year total income (from $245,083 to $246,540). Total expenses are projected to increase by about 33% (from $171,754 to $228,190). The primary reason for this significant increase is the potential cost of the engineering work in support of the range expansion. Additionally, we anticipate minor increases in taxes, utilities and the cost of maintaining an ever-expanding facility.

The 2020 budget retains the board’s strong commitment to sustain our excellent rifle club at a high level, aimed at maintaining and improving existing facilities and capital improvements designed to enhance our club's future offerings. Safety remains a guiding force in the board’s daily decisions, and is reflected in the proposed 2020 budget.

Millcreek Rifle Club’s financial status remains solid, and the board is committed to maintaining that position with the proposed 2020 budget.

With our members’ continued support, we are excited about continuing to provide a positive shooting experience for our members for many years to come. We welcome your questions about the budget at the annual meeting, at 7:30 p.m. March 3 in the Clubhouse.


"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson

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