Membership Renewal

Membership Renewals

Mill Creek Rifle Club membership renewals are accepted between January and the following May 31 of each year. If you are a current Mill Creek member, you must renew your membership each year, before the May 31 deadline. However, please do not use a prior year's membership renewal form to renew your membership. Your membership renewal form is a contract between you and Mill Creek Rifle Club, in which you agree under penalty of membership revocation to abide by the current set of range rules. Therefore, each year's renewal application is different, as rules change from year to year. If you use a previous year's membership renewal form, your renewal application will be rejected.

The membership renewal form for 2024-2025, including all final range rule changes, will be posted on this page in January 2024. You may access the form at the time for your renewal at any time after that.

Please remember, do not wait to get a bill for your annual renewal, because we do not send them. Mill Creek Rifle Club does not mail to members a Renewal Notice, a Renewal Invoice, a Renewal Bill, or any similar Renewal Application. It is the responsibility of each member to visit this page, download the appropriate annual form, print the form, follow the simple instructions, and send in your completed renewal form, proof of current NRA Membership, and your check.



If you are not an MCRC member and are looking to apply for Membership, please visit our Membership Information page.


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