Range Rental/Usage/Reservation

Range Rental/Usage/Reservation

Specific Groups can reserve one or more shooting ranges at MCRC provided that the follow conditions are satisifed:

  • The group provides MCRC a copy of the insurance policy covering the shooting event(s)
  • Competitors/group members must sign a MCRC provided disclaimer
  • The event benefits and promotes the shooting sports
  • The shooting event must benefits MCRC
  • Organizers need to disclose in detail desired activities, frequency and duration.

Beyond these requirements new groups will have to meet with the MCRC board to educate the board  regarding the shooting event and answer questions and concerns regarding the event.  The MCRC calendar fills up quickly, therefore groups need to submit their request as early as possible.  Listed below are some groups which use MCRC for scheduled events:

Police/Law Enforcement

A large number of Police Departments in the Kansas City Metro use MCRC for marksmanship training.  Police departments which use MCRC sign annual contracts.  Johnson County Sheriff's Office is in charge of scheduling.

Shooting Sports

This year MCRC will host competitions in the following shooing disciplines: Benchrest, IPSC, Highpower, Swiss Rifle/Pistol, Bowling Pin Shooting and Blackpowder Rifle Shooting.  MCRC does not charge a flat fee to hold a competition.  Rather MCRC charges $3 per competitor.

Shooting Industry

Companies in the shooting sports industry sporadically use MCRC ranges to showcase their products.  However,  there are only a few time slots open each year for commercial use of the MCRC ranges.

Not-For-Profits/Fraternal Clubs

In the past groups like the Boy Scouts have camped out on MCRC property as well as Shriners International for group activities.

Cost Structure

The daily shooting range rental fee is $225 per each shooting range for one group.  If two or more groups want to rent a range the cost is $300 per day per range.


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