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Lead remediation starting

Lead Abatement Begins April 19

Expect rolling range closures for two weeks

For several months I have been informing the membership about the environmental studies the club has undertaken. In 2017, the board of directors commissioned a firm to create an environmental best practices manual for the club.  It is a detailed document indicating how the club should manage its environmental risks.

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Spring Work Day 2021

Please Join Us for Spring Work Day May 2

Suit up your work clothes and join fellow members in this bi-annual tradition

This year has left Mill Creek Rifle Club with a long--and still growing--list of minor maintenance items, from sign hanging to warning-flag replacement to plumbing to groundskeeping.

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Cancelled - Spring Work Day 2021

CANCELLED - Spring Work Day May 2

Or better said: Postponed...

Due to unforeseen circumstance, the biannual club workday scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled. Watch this space and your email Crow's Roost for announcement of rescheduling. Thank you, stand down, and stand by.



Democrats pushing new gun laws

Legislative Alert: Democrats Pushing New Gun Laws

Encouraged by their majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats at the federal level are pushing major new gun control laws, starting with expanded background checks, enlarging the time period for the ATF to conduct background checks, and significant changes to the NICS system.  

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Construction update April 2021

Flickr/Washington State Dept. of Transportation. Some rights reserved. Used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Construction Update: Coming down to the final tasks!

Final additions to range expansion being made

Construction on the new range expansion approved by the membership last October is putting on a final push to get everything done for spring. Here's what's coming up in the weeks ahead.

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Range Closure UPDATE

Range Closing Update April 5

As of April 5, the following is the status of range closures for construction: 

High Power Range. Closed until hydroseeding is completed.

Benchrest Range. Closed through Monday for additional dressing of the field. The area disturbed by installation of the septic field will be seeded by Mill Creek Rifle Club maintenance later this spring and may necessitate short closure during that operation.   Note:  Safety Concern!  No vehicles will be allowed on the lateral field at any time!  Only lawn cutting equipment will be allowed.

Pizza Range. Still closed. Pizza Range may be opened by Thursday, April 8, as the septic contractor finishes up the tanks beneath the range. It will also need to be seeded by Mill Creek Rifle Club maintenance later this spring and may necessitate short closure during that operation.  Note:  Safety Concern!  No vehicles allowed on the septic tank at any time!  Only lawn cutting equipment shall be allowed.

Shotgun Range. Closed until further notice.  Mill Creek Rifle Club maintenance needs to install signage, table, safety equipment, and more before it is available. Note: Safety Concern! There is NO SHOOTING ON THE FLY available at Mill Creek Rifle Club at this time.

Are you our next Safety Director?

Mill Creek Rifle Club Seeking New Safety Director

Have some ideas to improve club safety? We may be looking for you

Mill Creek Rifle Club Safety Director Gabriel Sanchez has announced his resignation. If you're interested in serving on the board of directors of the club to fill the remainder of Gabe's term, here's how to apply for consideration.

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April member meeting

April 2021 Member Meeting

Join us April 6, 2021, at 07:30 PM Central Time as Vice President Michael Borkon chairs. Business will include recruiting for a new safety director and a review of proposals for lead remediation on some ranges.

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No wing shooting right now

WARNING: There is no safe wing-shooting space available at Mill Creek right now 

If you are shooting anything on the fly, please cease

The morning of March 11, the contractor building the berms for the range expansion was running a trackhoe atop one of the new berms, when he heard what sounded like gravel being thrown against the side of his machine. He turned toward his open door and front glass to see the source, and was peppered in the face and shoulder with bird shot.

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Spring 2021 Training

Training Opportunities

Special discount pricing for Mill Creek members!

Don't miss this special opportunity to get valuable NRA safety and shooting training at a special price for members only. Member Jason Roth, principal of Roath Training LLC, will be offering monthly firearms training courses at the club, beginning with NRA Basic Pistol course scheduled for March 14.

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Range Closure UPDATE

Update March 7: Expect pistol bays to be inaccessible this week

Septic system work will close access temporarily

First, the good news: The clubhouse restrooms are open and operating! All restroom "closed" signs have been removed, the restroom doors are unlocked, and Maintenance Director Joel Campbell has contacted the cleaning service to have the restrooms cleaned this week. The photo above is a look at the new septic tank system installed beneath the Pizza Range.

Now, the bad news (temporarily): Our contractor, Dailey Construction, will be at the club Monday, March 8, to start trenching across the road in order to run the line to connect the tanks to the planned lateral field that will be installed beneath the Benchrest Range. That trenching will cut across the entire road, cutting off access to the 15-Yard Range and Pistol Bays 1 through 5 to car traffic.  Dailey's crews will have to hand dig the center of the road to work around the existing power cable there. So, I am anticipating road closure through Tuesday, March 9.

Because emergency responders would not be able to drive to those closed ranges while the road is trenched if an emergency were to occur, Safety Director Gabe Sanchez has requested that members not walk down to the Pistol Bays, but consider them all closed for use until the work is complete.

Once the line is laid and the trench closed, work is scheduled to then begin Tuesday on the 1,500 lineal feet of laterals underneath the Benchrest Range. That work will close the entire Benchrest Range until installation of the laterals is completed!

Watch this space for further updates as Dailey Construction continues work next week on this critical update to our facilities. Thank you for your patience and observation of these closings.


Mike McGovern, Mill Creek Rifle Construction Director

Range Closure UPDATE

Pistol Bays will NOT be closed this weekend

Attention, Mill Creek Rifle Club Friends

Due to the cold temperature and adverse weather, the contractor replacing our club septic system, Dailey Construction, has confirmed their work schedule has been delayed. They will not be onsite to begin work until about 9 a.m. Monday, Feb 22. Therefore, access to the 15-yard Pistol Range and Pistol Bays 1 through 5 should be readily available for the weekend activities.

Once Daily Construction begins work on February 22 to start locating lines and mobilizing equipment for the work on the Pizza Range, the road behind the Clubhouse will be closed. At some point during that week, expect the road to Pistol Bays 1 through 5 to be closed in order to cut the trench to run the septic line from the Clubhouse to the lateral field under the Bench Rest Range. Click this link for further details.

Watch this space for further updates as Dailey Construction begins work next week.


Mike McGovern, Mill Creek Rifle Construction Director

Notice of annual meeting

Notice of Annual Meeting, Expenditure Review, Budget Presentation and Elections

The Mill Creek Rifle Club Annual Membership Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m., March 2, 2020, by web video conference only. No live meeting will be held in the Mill Creek Clubhouse.

Members will conduct the following business:

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2021 Membership Renewal is Now Open

2021 Membership Renewal Forms Now Available

We are open for membership renewals. Here's what to do

Attention, current Mill Creek Rifle Club members: The updated 2021 membership renewal form is now available to begin your renewal process. Click here to go to the membership renewal page.

You are welcome to renew your membership at any time between now and May 31, 2021. However, we ask that you remember a few points:

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Range Closures

Be Aware of these Range Closures

More than one construction project is underway

Long-term progress sometimes means short-term inconvenience. In the case of Mill Creek Rifle Club, the range expansion project approved unanimously by the membership last October, as well as unscheduled renovation on the club's waste-treatment system, means some temporary closures of ranges. Here's the breakdown:

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New Range Construction Update

The Vision is Shaping Up

New ranges are approaching completion

“If you’ve been out to the Club, you’ve seen a lot going on,” reports Construction Director Mike McGovern. Stainbrook Construction has completed the earthwork for the second of two new 100-yard ranges. The contractor will move to hydroseeding the berms and ranges as soon as weather permits.

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Please don't leave your key card in your vehicle

Please think before leaving your key card in your vehicle

It may happen to you, and it can cost you

If you're reading this story from the Missouri side of the state line, congratulations (or sympathies...); you are in the auto theft capital of the United States. This member found out what that means the hard way....

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Interested in serving on the board?

Interested in serving on the board?

Nominations are due February 15

If you're interested in serving as an officer or a member of the board of directors of the Club, it's not too late to submit your nomination, or nominate someone else.

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Ghost Guns, and more

By Paul Day, Legislative Director

On January 30  2020, U.S. Rep. Henry Johnson (D-Ga) introduced HR 5717, the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020. A week later, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) followed up with the Senate companion legislation, Senate Bill 3254. 

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Get out and vote 2020

Get out and vote like your rights depend on it

By Paul Day, Legislative Director

On November 3, American citizens will go to the polls to participate in what will be a defining moment for our country. Although, as a non-profit organization Millcreek is prohibited from taking a formal position either for or against any particular candidate, the MCRC Board wants to encourage all of our members to participate in this historic election.

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Appleseed 2020 public

Join Us to Celebrate our Shooting Heritage - June 6 and 7

Whether you’ve never fired a rifle before or you’re already a competitive shooter, no one ever leaves a Project Appleseed event the same. Join fellow Millcreek members in this two-day event that teaches the rifle marksmanship skills once commonly practiced in America. The new skills, history, and friendships are inspiring and life-changing. Click here for a members-only special offer.


NRA RSO Training Winter 2020

NRA Range Safety Officer Training Now Available

Join us to show your commitment to Millcreek's safety

Range safety is the first and foremost priority at Millcreek Rifle Club. We emphasize and commit to safety on our ranges and property from all members and their guests. But as any experienced shooter knows, safety is the responsibility of each individual shooter. To strengthen this commitment, we are offering NRA Basic Range Safety Officer courses at Millcreek. NRA RSO courses are conducted by a Chief RSO, an individual certified to train NRA Range Safety Officers. The RSO course content consists of:
  • RSO roles and responsibilities
  • Range standard operating procedures
  • Range inspection and range rules
  • Firearm stoppages and malfunctions
  • Range Safety Briefings which include procedures to follow in the case of an emergency.
This course will also certify you as an NRA Range Safety Officer, in which you have the authority to enforce range rules.  This course is open to Mill Creek members at a discounted rate of $50, and to nonmembers for $75. Participants must be 21 years and older.
The NRA RSO program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. To become an NRA Range Safety Officer, you must pass the RSO course and demonstrate that you possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organize, conduct, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations.
The next scheduled NRA RSO course available will be held from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., November 29, at Millcreek Rifle Club. Click here to register before November 23.

Yes, Millcreek is Open

Yes, Millcreek is Open

Plans to remain open for individual use

Since authorities in Kansas City, Missouri, Jackson County, Missouri, and Wyandotte and Johnson County, Kansas, issued a joint public health order on March 22 ordering all citizens to stay in their homes to try to slow the spread of novel coronavirus, Millcreek has received numerous inquiries about the club's status during the 30-day order.

Your Board of Directors met by teleconference on March 23 and voted to take no action to restrict individual members' access to the club facilities. The following factors influenced that decision:

  • To be clear, the board recognizes the order is not voluntary. It carries the force of law founded on local government's recognized right to protect citizens from a health risk it considers an extreme contagious threat to the population. However, this particular order does allow exceptions for what it deems "essential activities." Even though those essential activities listed in the order do not specifically include firearms recreation or training, the order does specifically permit leaving your home "to engage in outdoor activity." The order lists only biking, walking, hiking and running as examples, but at the same time, it specifically states those examples are not the only examples of permitted essential outdoor activity. Therefore, it is the position of the Board of Directors that the activity associated with using an outdoor shooting range would qualify as essential outdoor activity.
  • In addition, it should be understood that although the order includes an extensive list of "essential businesses" that citizens may leave home to either frequent as customers or work in as employees, the order does not mandate that any business close its doors--essential or non-essential. Instead, the order places the legal responsibility on the individual citizen to decide whether a business he has chosen to leave home to frequent qualifies as an essential business. It is the opinion of the board that it should take no action to interfere with any member's ability to access the grounds of Millcreek Rifle Club should he decide it qualifies as an essential business.
  • The public order also categorically exempts first responders and law enforcement personnel. Because of extensive use of Millcreek Rifle Club by the Johnson County law enforcement community, the board felt any attempt to restrict access to the ranges could pose a significant risk of interfering with necessary first responder and law enforcement firearms related training. 

Because the Johnson County order prohibits any public gathering of more than 10 people, the board elected to continue the restrictions on matches and events until the order expires at midnight on April 24, or until the order is lifted. Vice President Michael Borkon is doing his utmost to reschedule as many events as possible to later in the year. The board asks your patience in the process.

Please remember that if you do choose to avail yourself of the essential outdoor activity provided by your Millcreek Rifle Club outdoor ranges, be sure to follow these contagion-prevention measures as mandated by the order:

  • Maintain a 6-foot distance from all other people while you are there.
  • Make use of available hand sanitizer and other sanitizing products.
  • Watch the website for details on when the facility remains open and how best to reach us and continue services by phone or remotely

For more information, click these links:


The Re-Opening has Begun--with Caution

How Millcreek will Follow the State's Re-Opening Plans

Full function...with individual responsible precaution

During the last two months of the stay-at-home orders issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Millcreek board of directors has met every two weeks via conference call. Much of our meetings have been spent trying to keep up with how the orders are affecting the club and its activities. The situation has seemed to change on almost a daily basis at times.

Based on the most recent developments, the board now considers Millcreek to be back to full operation, with some precautions advised.

Here's the latest:

  • Apparently spurred by the Kansas legislature's passage of a bill to restrict her authority to unilaterally issue executive orders like the stay-at-home order, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly on May 27 rescinded her previous order forbidding public gatherings to occur without sufficient public health safeguards in place. Instead, her office announced, the plans to re-open public events and businesses will now be only voluntary "guidance." According to her office, the responsibility for imposing health, business and mass-gathering limits based on those guidelines will now be left up to county health officials.
  • In response to the governor's decision, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners announced the same day it would "not impose additional limits, based on current conditions." Instead, both Johnson County Health Officer Joseph LeMaster and Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director Sanmi Areola said they "strongly recommend" residents and businesses in the county follow the state's re-opening guidelines.

As a result, the Millcreek board considers all legal mandates to restrict public activity that govern the club have been lifted, and any activity is now being conducted under voluntary constraints. In response, the board has decided:

  • The temporary restriction on members bringing guests who do not live in the same household with them has been rescinded, and the club's visitor policy has returned to normal (see No. 1 and 3 here).
  • All ranges and club facilities are now open for normal use, with individual precautions. (See below.)
  • The club event calendar is now back in operation, resuming normal scheduling of events and matches.

Minus any formal, legal restrictions from the state or county, the board believes that responsibility for following the governor's recommendations now falls upon event organizers and coordinators for events, and upon participating individuals for non-event use of the club. Governor Kelly's four-phase re-opening plan, which you can read in detail here, recommends the following precautions to continue containing the spread of the virus:

  • Stay home if you’re sick.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Wear masks in public settings.
  • Maximize physical distance (6 feet or more) in public settings.
  • Avoid socializing with large groups.
  • If you are in one of the groups identified as being at high risk of being harmed by coronavirus infection, only leave your house for essential needs.
  • Minimize nonessential travel.
  • Check in (via phone/letter/text/email) with friends and family who are isolated.

Throughout this pandemic, the board has taken the public health executive orders seriously, regardless of personal opinion. Going forward, the board continues to take the risk of disease related to the virus seriously, and urges all individuals and group organizers to continue to follow the preventive guidelines as they see fit in order to protect themselves and event participants.

For questions or comments, email President Dick Cooper here.

Oct Member Conference Call - Vote on Range Improvements

Come Make your Vote Heard on Planned Range Improvements Tuesday

The Millcreek Rifle Club Board of Directors will present to the club's entire membership its unanimous recommendation to fund the planned range improvements, at the regular membership meeting at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 6.

The Board voted at a special meeting held on Sept. 30 to accept the recommendation of the Construction Committee and award the contract for the improvements to Stainbrook Excavating, at a contract bid of $210,657. At the committee's recommendation, the Board voted to approve a report to ask the membership for a total construction budget of no more than $250,000, which includes a contingency fund of $39,343 to be reserved for additional expenses associated with the project. The Stainbrook bid was the lowest of the three bids presented in response to Millcreek's bid offer, and was $53,395 lower than the highest bid. The improvements budget will be funded by the Club's standing Special Projects account, with additional funding from the club's Cash on Hand account. 

If approved by the general membership, the funds will be spent to fund range improvements, including:

  • An improved access road along the south side of the club property, which will permit access to the ranges to the east of the High Power Range, even when it is in use. Currently, users must access LE Ranges 1 and 2 and the Shotgun Field by crossing the High Power Range.
  • Extending the High Power Range to 600 yards.
  • Adding two new 100-yard ranges to the southeast side of the club.

For more details on the improvements, Click here.

"I hope the membership feels good about the project we will be bringing them," says Millcreek Rifle Club President Dick Cooper. "A lot of work went into this. Maintenance Director Joel Campbell and Construction Director Mike McGovern put a lot of work into this. I'm very pleased with the qualifications of our contractor. I think this is going to be a win/win for all of us."

If you do not want to attend the member meeting live, here's how to join us by conference call for Tuesday's meeting:

IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to vote on the budget recommendation, you must have your membership ID and number available for presentation. The Board members will be checking members in who call order to ensure only current members vote, in accordance with the club's bylaws. Even if you call in by telephone, you must be prepared to present your current membership number associated with your name in order to vote.

Once you have your membership gate card with you, Click here to join the meeting via Zoom. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. , but Zoom will be checking people in starting at 6:30. You will need the following information to access the meeting:

Meeting ID: 912 1420 3996

Password: 1911

To access the meeting by phone, use one of the following:

+1 312 626 6799

+1 346 248 7799

Meeting ID: 912 1420 3996

Password: 1911

If you have a question, comment, or item you'd like to add to the meeting agenda, email President Dick Cooper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It's time to renew... did we miss yours?

Its time to renew your membership

Time to Renew your 2020 Membership

Did we miss yours?

Curt Cotton
Millcreek Rifle Club Membership Director

Spring means membership renewal time. But we are not confident that everyone received their renewal paperwork. If you are a current member, you should have received an email notification or a hard copy announcing the Annual Meeting including your membership renewal form. But we have had some reports of this email going into email spam folders, or that members have not received theirs. This communication went out approximately February 10, 2020.

If you didn’t get this email, please let us know so we can check our records and ensure you receive emails going forward. If you did not receive a membership form, click here to download a 2020 renewal form you can print out, fill in, and mail back. 
Additionally, there are copies of the renewal in the club house. If you would like a hard copy or have any questions regarding renewal, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Remember, all current members must apply for annual renewals by May 31, 2020. The process is simple:

  • Please do not wait to receive another notice, renewal invoice, or renewal bill. We do not send them.
  • The Membership Renewal Form is available right here on the website. It is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Under the Main Menu heading, simply click on "Membership Renewal." Download and print the form, follow the simple instructions, and send in your completed renewal form, proof of current NRA Membership, and your check

Another Successful Spring Work Day

Another Successful Spring Work Day

Our thanks to those who attended

Curt Cotton
Millcreek Rifle Club Membership Director

Dedicated members turned out on a cold Sunday morning March 15 to participate in another successful Spring Club Work Day. Some non-members showed up, too, including the young gentlemen in the photos above, representatives of the 4-H Rifle Club who have helped at various workdays for several years now. Now that's how you raise up the next generation of Millcreek members, folks!

A work crew of about a dozen and a half hard-working individuals accomplished the following maintenance tasks in about three hours:

  • Cleared more than 10 trailer loads of brush off Pistol Bays 1 through 5. (Be on the lookout for announcement of the resulting Spring Shotgun Range Brush Pile Burn.)

  • Hung new Club Range Rules signs throughout the range.
  • Cleaned out the long over-due Pavilion, discarding several loads of scrap in the process.

Lunch was provided, as always, by the generous contribution of member Steve Heath and his wife, Robin, who own Firehouse Subs at 6415 Quivira Road and 91st and Metcalf in Overland Park. At this time of financial stress on restaurants, I hope you will extend your gratitude to the Heaths for their contribution by stopping by to give them your business. And on behalf of Millcreek's nearly 1,900 members, thank you to those who turned out to help keep this club in world-class shape!

For Sale: One Big Ammunition Trailer

For Sale: One B.A.T.

That stands for Big Ammo Trailer

Dick Cooper
Millcreek Rifle Club President

The club purchased this surplus ammo trailer a few years ago.  It was modified to use as a mobile shooting platform.  Now, Millcreek no longer has a need for this.

The club has about $3,000 invested in it. The wood alone is more than a $1,000.  If you have any interest, please let me know.

Don't miss Spring Work Day March 15

Join in the fellowship of labor at this year's annual MCRC Club Spring Work Day - Sunday, March 15

"I'm going out to clean the pasture spring,...You come too." Poet Robert Frost understood when he wrote those lines that shared work is not always a chore. Shared work is another opportunity for brotherhood. That's why Club Work Days enjoy a long tradition at Millcreek Rifle Club. They offer members, new and old, the opportunity to share the fellowship of laboring for something we all love, Millcreek.

Membership Director Curt Cotton is developing a list of light maintenance tasks for this year's upcoming work day, Sunday, March 15. Please plan to bring eye and ear protection, along with your favorite tools, including chain saws if you have one. Other tools and supplies will be provided.

Lunch will be served, so please be sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Curt and RSVP before March 11 if you are coming, so we can plan the meal count.

Don't miss this chance to lighten the shared maintenance load on other members in your club by joining your hands with theirs in the fellowship of labor.

  • Date: Sunday, March 15, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (including meal time)
  • Location: Millcreek Rifle Club
  • Volunteer: Contact Membership Director Curt Cotton to volunteer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Lunch Provided


2019 Budget Performance and Proposed 2020 Budget

MCRC 2019 Budget Performance and Proposed 2020 Budget

By Ralph Goodrich
Millcreek Rifle Club Treasurer

Millcreek Rifle Club budget performance in 2019 was positive. Although total revenue for the year was under the 2019 budget by $13,617, total expenses were also less than budgeted, by $29,071, resulting in a bottom line of $73,329, or $15,454 more than our expected bottom line of $57,875.

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"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
- Thomas Jefferson

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