Mill Creek Rifle Club

New Signs a Welcome Addition

Millcreek Rifle Club Is Officially On the Map

Next time you come to Millcreek Rifle Club, you won't be able to miss the new signage at our entrance.

The Hodgdon Powder Company graciously donated a large Welcome sign that also pays tribute to Hodgdon patriarch and namesake, Bruce Hodgdon. Bruce not only helped to revolutionize the reloading industry, he also worked hard to change shipping rules and regulations governing gunpowder and ammunition. More importantly to our membership, Bruce Hodgdon donated the land on which now sits Millcreek Rifle Club.

Just past the welcome sign, visitors will be able to use an 11' x 11' range map to orient themselves to the club, and identify the range on which they intend to shoot.

We wish to thank the group of volunteers who showed up at the club at dawn on July 19 to help place and secure these large signs. Thank you to: Shane, Ted, Dave, Fred, Cliff, George, Nick, Keith, Steve, Oscar, Curt, and Mike.

All Millcreek Members appreciate these folks taking their valuable, personal time to come out, contribute some knowledge and elbow grease, and help make Millcreek Rifle Club even better. These signs should represent this great club for many, many years. We hope everyone enjoys them.

All photos by Curt Cotton.


Signage Installation Photos

Welcome Sign Goes Up -


Range Map - Barely Makes It Out of the Pavilion - Volunteers carefully carry the large map from the Pavilion to its base.


Construction Director Mike McGovern briefs volunteers on the lift operation for the large range map.


The Range Map Lifted Into Place -


A Great Group of Volunteers Welcomes Everyone to Millcreek Rifle Club.



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